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August 20-23, 2020 

November, 2019
The attachments provide a few corrections to forms sent last time as well as some additional information for our reunion 2020 in Waynesville/Ashville, NC.
Cecil provided a lot of good info about the area with web sites and distances for your review and consideration.  The Tentative Agenda has been adjusted a little for Cecil’s suggestions so you can consider the possibilities and give us your thoughts if you have any before the agenda is finalized.
There is a summary of attendance status that is based on our first registered attendee (thanks for your leadership, Barry Kennedy) along with the respondents to our request for input on our date selection.  Everyone that responded understood (I hope) that their input meant they plan to attend.  That along with other input made for the first group that is “Committed to Attend”.    The next group responded but had some caveat with their response so they “Indicated an Intention to Attend”.  Others are self-explanatory.   If everyone comes through along with some more of the Kennedy Exec. Committee and a few surprises, we could have our best attendance ever.  Hope so.
Plan to come early or stay after to get the most of your time in the North Carolina mountains and the attractions of the area.
Let us know if you have suggestions or questions.  Our Carolinas Hosts are doing a great job of making sure we all have a great time when we visit them.
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